Top Lead Generation Strategies for 2020

Lead Generation

One of the top methods for making money and building an online business comes from generating leads.

To generate leads, you need traffic.

Today, lets dive into the top 5 tips or generating more leads and getting the best results for your marketing.

#1 Build a valuable lead magnet. 

Lead magnets are the carrots or the promise of what you’re going to provide them or signing up to your email list.

Some examples are:

  • Free reports
  • Free video training
  • Webinar
  • Free course
  • Free Newsletter

This is to provide value but also show sell your service, products or methodology.

When we build a lead magnet, often we’re showing how to pull of a task but our solution is the obvious answer on how to do whatever your teaching easier, faster, and better.

# 2: Understand the Traffic Source

Not all traffic sources are created equally.

If you’re looking at Facebook traffic, realize it’s often a disruption in what the user is doing.

Youtube traffic is people often looking for solutions.

So is Google.

It’s all because the traffic is searched based vs socializing.

That’s why when you use social traffic sources, often you’re forced to build rapport, trust, and engage with the list a bit before asking for the sale especially if you’re directing them to a webinar software where you’ll continue the education while also pitching a product.

#3 Follow up often

A lot of digital marketers are afraid to follow up with their email list worrying about making them angry and losing followers.

This should not be a concern.

Follow up often in order to make the sale.

#4 The 3 Stages to Every Campaign

For every campaign there are 3 stages you should engage in with your email list.

First, is the entry level which is often bond and trust building.

If you’re using a webinar as a lead magnet, this can all be accomplished in this one step.

Secondly, is what we call the Answer The Objections stage.

This is where you answer any questions, any of your prospects objections relating to price, support, or anything that may set the prospect back from ordering.

Finally, is the closedown process.

This is where the bulk of the sales will be made in your marketing campaign.

 # 5 Play the Long Game 

While getting a ROI is extremely important, it doesn’t always have to be accomplished on day # 1.  Give yourself some leeway to build and earn a ROI in weeks or months instead of right off the bat.

If you follow this page you’ll see how they’re treating leads, conversions, and building lifetime value with their clientele and readers of their newsletter.

# 6 Leverage Automation

Instead of thinking you need to be everywhere.

Automate as much as possible with tools like Zapier and IFTTT for mundane tasks.

For example, once you upload a piece of content, it can be syndicated to a massive number of websites and social media sites automatically in minutes.

That way you can upload your video to Youtube, create a post on your blog, then let the software do the heavy lifting to syndicate your content to places like…



And the list goes on and on.

When you syndicate, you can utilize a single piece of content for multiple sources converting into a massive point of leverage and scale.