How to Make Money from Webinar Marketing


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The following article will help you learn how to make money from webinars. We will start with an introduction of webinars and then we will discuss the ways to make money from webinars.

You can use these methods for either promoting your own business or affiliate products.

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Introduction to Webinar Marketing

A webinar is a seminar conducted over the internet using live video streaming technology and there are plenty of webinar platforms to do this with.  While doing so, multiple participants are able to listen and ask questions via a chat window that appears below the video player frame.  There are usually moderators who guide the session in case any question is missed by the audience or if there is confusion related to a topic being discussed during the webinar.  The webinars are conducted in the same manner as seminars where there is a speaker who delivers the speech.  The difference being that webinars do not have an audience within a close proximity, but they are able to watch videos from anywhere.

Webinar marketing basically means promotion of products or services through webinars.

If you’re looking for more information about how webinars work and why products and services are promoted this way, check out this article .  It does a great job of explaining everything related to webinars.

Here’s the top ways to make money from webinars

1) Give The Speaker’s Role Away For Free

Here’s a scenario you must be familiar with – You have been invited as one among the first few people to attend a webinar conducted by an expert.  Usually, you want to know more about the speaker or company conducting the webinar and are willing to pay for that privilege. This is where you can make money from webinars.

The problem is that most of us have bills to pay before we start making money.  Here’s how you can make money from webinars without having to pay a dime:

You conduct free webinars and promote them using various means, for example, social media or any other medium.  People who attend the webinar will see your brand name (your signature), your face (as the moderator) and your offers (as the speaker).

What’s in it for you?  First of all, this is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and promote yourself as an expert on various subjects.  Secondly, you can share the links to your paid webinars or any other services you provide which will add to your revenue stream.

Now, what about the content of the webinar?

Here’s the important point – The topic should be related to your niche or expertise.

2) Promote Someone Else’s Webinar as an Affiliate

Another way how you can make money from webinars is by promoting affiliate products. Most think they need to create a product, complicated sales funnels, and do all of this stuff first.

However, that’s not the case.

You can begin by promoting other people’s stuff and get paid a commission for it.


You can get paid a commission by placing your affiliate links within webinars you are conducting.  You can either use the same method to promote affiliate products just like you do if you were selling your own products or service.

For example, suppose you’re promoting a software as an affiliate.

You’d want to do a full demo of the software, provide training, and create a FAQ of the most pressing questions they may have before buying and answer these on the webinar itself.

Then during the closedown of the webinar, you’ll want to be sure to include the affiliate link or a link to your bridge page that discusses all of the bonuses they get when taking action with the product.

3) Use Content Upgrade For Your Blog or Ebook

You can use webinar traffic for building your list by offering a free bonus as an ebook, that you offer exclusively to those attending your webinar.  A well-thought out ebook can add tremendous value to the people coming to your webinar, and can also help you build your email list.

4) Use Webinars To Promote Your Facebook Ads Campaign

A great way how you can make money from webinars is by driving traffic using Facebook ads (or any other paid traffic source for that matter).  Using webinars successfully in this way really depends on how well you promote your webinar.

Here’s what you do to get started:

Promote your webinar using Facebook ads.  You don’t necessarily need to have a huge budget for this, but be sure to use the right targeting options so that those who attend your webinar are most likely interested in your topic.

People will register and attend the webinar, and this is where your sales funnel begins.  You can use a free tool like ActiveCampaign to make sure you get an email address from each of them (you should have already created a lead magnet in anticipation of this).

After collecting emails, keep those who registered updated with any new information regarding the webinar, including links to your sales pages and specific offers.

Once you are done with the webinar, send them one more email telling them what action they should take next.  You can also use something like Auto-Responder series for this where you tell them how great it was meeting them, and also introduce them to your products or services.