The 5 Elements To Marketing With Youtube

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Have you ever searched online and couldn’t understand the instructions on a “How To” topic that you just switched to searching on YouTube instead?

If that’s a yes, then you’re one of the 65% of visual learners. Visual content has proven its popularity overtime, and with the existence of YouTube, learning and entertaining just got easier. The best part, it’s most often than not – free. 

Studies show that 85% of online adults are part of the regulars in the YouTube community. That big of an audience would present great opportunities for a thriving business. 

Now marketing your business online is proven effective. You might have thought of this idea a couple of times before but you just don’t know how. Today, we have more options that ever before for getting traffic and generating leads from the internet.

Today, we’ll be breaking it down on how to pull it of with Youtube. 

Are you familiar with the 5w’s and 1H? The who, what, when, where, why and how? That’s very much what you need to consider in marketing your business. 


Who is your target market? You have to be able to know your target market and your niche. You should also know what your Target Market likes, in order to create content related to your business and it’s something they like. 

Take note of how to optimize your videos for search and clicks.  


What is it that your target market likes to see? If you know this, your content will be created based solely on this. Keep in mind the title. Google suggests that you should first use relevant keywords before your branding. Create a title that you know you’d click if you were the subscriber. If it isn’t interesting to you, how could it be interesting to your clients? 

Insert a description. The first three sentences will be shown once people search. Make sure it paints a picture, and it has a call to action. Often people think “what’s in it for me?” So in that description, you must entice them to watch the video, and include product info – that’s what they’re after. 

Make sure you use tags. Tags are your main keywords. Now, what tags should you use? You could try and look at what tags your competitors use, and work with those as well. 

Captions! Captions are beneficial to extending your market reach and inclusivity to the Deaf community. Although YouTube provides automatic captioning, it’s better to recheck and proofread too. 


When should you start? After you finish this article, you’ll probably know the basics to YouTube Marketing, so might as well start then, right? But seriously, YouTube sensations don’t get millions of subscribers because they just thought of making a video and that’s it. 1 Million Views is the result of good, well thought of content curation. And that’s not very simple. 

You need to have good storytelling skills. Consider this, two different individuals are to create a Romeo and Juliet love story which revolves around star-crossed love, but one individual stands out because of how he/she has told the story.

Yes we know it will all end to both Romeo and Juliet killing themselves but what makes it interesting is how they get to that ending, the actual process to get to that ending. That’s storytelling. Although we see the same topics or related topics, how it is curated is what makes it standout. It’s what lands you loyal viewers that eventually become subscribers and clients.  

Of course, good storytelling is always paired with writing. Once you’ve mastered these two, you’re good to go to the next step. 


You can start anywhere. In your room, outside, at the park.

Anywhere, wherever your creativity leads you to. 


Why should you consider YouTube as an online marketing platform? Because it is effective. And there is recall when people see something that strikes there attention 

Why should you create well-curated content?

Think of it this way. If nobody sees your videos, do they really exist?

So thinking of what your target market likes and considering the technicalities that go with it like using tags, keywords and utilizing SEO, makes it visible. But what makes the viewers’ become regulars to your channel is how well you create content. With visibility comes opportunity.

Opportunity for your business to grow and expand.

And that’s why.  


Let’s discuss the technicalities here.  

What is SEO? 

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. In Layman’s term, it deals with the visibility of your content. But, it doesn’t mean that when your video is visible, that viewers will watch it. Again, it all boils down to good content. 


Earlier we’ve talked about tags, which I said were keywords. And this is what the viewers’ type in the search bar to find what they’re looking for.  

Title Tag Optimization 

Again earlier we’ve talked about the titles. These are important. You have to make sure that your title doesn’t sound too good to be true. Make it organic to make it stand out. 

Description Optimization 

Don’t forget the call to action. Ask them to share your video, like, comment and subscribe. This will also let you gauge whether or not your video is effective. 


Don’t forget this. This will expand your reach, and international viewers can watch your videos because of this. 

Always remember what prompted you to consider YouTube as a Marketing tool for your business in the first place. Make sure you know the message you’re trying to relay, and think about the content you create.

After that, then all you have to worry about are the technicalities!