How to Drive Traffic From Your Youtube Marketing


So, you’ve already created a YouTube channel and have had some subscribers here and there. But why is it so hard to reach your first hundred?

You might be overlooking some of the most important things to consider in your channel. 

So how do you get YouTube traffic?  

1.Your channel. Your channel should look well thought of. Respectable or fun or both, whichever it is you’re aiming for.  And, make the thumbnails catchy and interesting. Make sure everything in your video and in the thumbnail are well lit and properly edited. Use color palettes too, to make it look more uniform. 

But aside from the aesthetics, consider your content.Your content must be well curated. Remember, the viewers are looking for quality. 

Take a look at how to properly setup a Youtube channel

2. Video Tags. Once uploaded, your video has the chance to be visible. Although, there are 100 hours of videos uploaded per minute, your video with its great quality has the chance to be viewed when you load up your video with the most common and rich keywords possible. 

If you just think of a generic tag, then there’s limited reach of your video, but when you use specifics, the possibilities are endless. 

For example, you put “Makeup” as a generic tag, then add specific tags like drugstore, cheap, clean, effective, dupe, and the like, you’ll get more visibility. 

3. Video Title. Google suggests that you should first put keywords in your title before the branding itself. When you put keywords first, the greater the chances of visibility. But avoid being too “spammy” in titling.  

 Even though you’re using keywords first, make sure you titles are catchy, and not created by a robot. 

4. Video Description. The first three sentences in your video description are seen along with your video title and thumbnail.

Make sure it’s the best three sentences fit for your video. Make sure your videos are transcribed as well, and put them in the description box, this will serve as guides to your viewers when they missed something they think is important while watching the video itself. 

Before we plugin any description, we’ve plugged in a link to our landing page that we’ve made with a Thrive or another type of software that allows us to collect leads

5. Video Caption. Again and again we reiterate the importance of captions. It will increase the market reach of your videos. It will show how inclusive of a person/company you are, because you also consider the Deaf community and the international viewers. You need this! 

6. Comments and Responses. Your response to every comment is important to increase audience interaction. Viewers take time to comment on your video, reciprocate – they appreciate this.  

You should also comment to popular videos, and make your comments interesting. When viewers read funny/witty/relevant comments, those viewers visit your channel – then they start wondering what you’re all about and this will make them watch your videos, hurray! 

You can also reply to a popular video with the link of your video, as long as the link of your video is related to that popular video. But this can only be done once, so make sure it counts. 

More Important Tips to Increase Views

  • Make sure you put your other videos in the description box of your latest video. In this case, when someone views your latest video, they’d be curious about your previous video and if they have time, they’ll watch it. Just make sure to create buzz or excitement when mentioning about your previous video in your intro. 

You can also put a clip of your previous video at the end of your video and place “click here” for greater chances of being watched. 

  • Make them click the bell. The bell sign in YouTube will make the viewers who click it get notified of when you upload a new video. They will surely watch your videos after this. 
  • Recent Activity Update. In clicking this option, your subscribers will the channels you recently subscribed to, and the videos you recently liked. Viewers get more attached to a YouTube sensation when they know what that person or group of people like and what interests them. Through this, the viewers get to know you even more, not just above the surface of your well-curated videos. 
  • Playlists. Viewers love it when the videos they see are fixed and organized for their convenience. The good thing about playlists is that, you can automatically play the next video, which is a plus for you since it increases your views! 

DON’T SKIP A STEP! Do all of these steps, and be amazed at how fast you subscribers will grow!